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Wholesale Tackle and So Much More!

In addition to great wholesale tackle options, Tackle Crafters offers a variety of rigs (including pompano rigs, grouper rigs, a croaker rig, bluefish rigs, shark rigs, and more) but we offer a great selection of the highest value fishing brands clothing including men's fishing hats, face buffs, men's fishing shirts, and other Tackle Crafters exclusive fishing brands apparel from our new line, which is trending as one of the best performance saltwater fishing apparel brands of 2016.

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Saltwater Fishing Tackle

South Florida is known for it's amazing fishing environments and exciting charters. The warm waters off the south Atlantic coast combine with the lush breeding grounds for the feeder fish to create the perfect environment for big game fishing, sport fishing, and a variety of amazing options when it comes to off-shore and in-shore trips.

Since 1947 we have not only been crafting the very best in saltwater fishing tackle, but we routinely use our own saltwater tackle and saltwater fishing rigs on personal fishing trips. Our experience and knowledge of the area combines with our high grade gear to enable us to consistently haul in amazing catches including a variety of big game fish. And we always wear our wholesale fishing shirts to ensure that we have the comfort, performance, and style we are used to in our salt water fishing apparel.

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